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    I’ve been through the FAQ’s and around the site and just paid for an upgrade I now think I don’t need. Help. I’m still confused about the following: How can I allow visitors (not bloggers) whose email address I have to access my blogsite, while prohibiting others (whose addresses I don’t have from accessing it?
    Thank you! Grace



    You can have a private blog with up to 35 members.
    Dashboard -> Options -> Privacy
    The last option is I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose
    Check that button
    Click Update

    Do these help?



    Thanks so much for responding timethief. Yes they helped and I had gone over them. However when I try to add a user one by one (which is time-consuming!) by entering their individual email addresses, it tells me that the user is not found. This makes sense since the users don’t have blogs with wordpress, but before I spend time putting my 70 something addresses in, I want to be sure that I’m doing the right thing. I already paid for the upgrade.

    I just tried to contact support and they’re temporarily closed. Am working in a third world country and don’t have much internet access.

    Thanks for any other assistance!



    your users have to have usernames in order to access your private blog.

    If you are making them contributors/authors/admins then you enter whatever email address they used to create their account at Dashboard->Users->Authors & Users->Add User From Community.

    If you are just allowing them to see the blog and comment on it, you need to enter their usernames at Dashboard->Options->Privacy->Username.




    Anyone know when / if the new privacy option (limiting access to known users) will be added to the open source version of WordPress ?




    Volunteers have no answers for you. You need to contact staff weekdays 9-5 PM

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