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  1. Sorry, newbie here. Two posts today became "Private:" What is this and how can I remove the "private" tag from the start of the header? Again I'm sure it's simple, but...

  2. Usually the "Private: Post Name" comes from the fact that you have password protected the post. Is this what you mean? A post becomes password protected when you are creating it by putting in a password in the box for protecting posts on the right side of the text entry box. Am I even close here? Could you give a little bit more detail or an example of one of these posts?


  3. Thanks for the reply, Trent. No, I just made a first post on a new blog and during the editing process, the "Private: Post Name" thing just popped up. I don't think I password-protected anything, besides the editorial access to the blog. The post just suddenly appeared that way, and I don't know what I might have done to cause it. Thanks again, and I can clarify further, let me know.

  4. Could you post a new post so we can see what happens now?


  5. Will do. But understand, the post was fine through a lot of edits before the problem popped up. Thanks for your help and patience.

  6. Posted a test entry, and it's fine, but the problem post was the same way until well along in the editing process.

  7. Well, that post seems to work (as you mentioned). I guess I am not sure why that popped up. I would just proceed as normal until it happens again and then post back your progress. I don't know what else to tell you!


  8. All right, thank you for your help. And just to clarify, my main concern is removing the "private" prefix. It doesn't show up as editable; just on the published post. But thanks for you time and help anyway.

  9. I am not trying to blow you off by any means here! If it happens again, leave the post up and post here so we can take a look at it because once it is deleted, we have nothing to test against! That is all I meant!


  10. No, sorry I gave you that impression. Sincerely, thanks for your time and effort. No problems here! I'll figure it out.

  11. Private means that it doesn't show up within your home page or within your category or monthly pages. It's not the password protection Trent mentions. Please edit the post that you're having the issue with and look for the Post Status tab along the right hand side. It's got three checkboxes within it labeled Draft, Published, and Private. The Private one should be checked. Just switch it to Published and resave the Post.

    The 'Private:' bit is added in when a post is marked private. It's removed when the status changes.

    Not sure how a post got labeled with this unless you did it somehow. You may want to send in a feedback to staff on the issue if you can offer any details to them.

    Hope this helps,

  12. I appologize. I was thinking "Protected:" that comes with password protection and not "Private:" with the private entry.


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