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    I seem to have collected a few stalkers. Last week I got several threats. I immediately made the blog private and stopped posting. Tonight I decided to add content for myself, my daughter and a friend. We are the only 3 supposedly allowed under the private blog setting. When I added a post, there was a WP notification that the new post had been sent to 188 subscribers. Did it REALLY do that? I just about had a heart attack :-(

    If a post is marked public, doesn’t it just go to the 3 of us? If it’s marked private, can only I see it?

    Also, according to site stats, there have been people who Googled something and got access to a page after the blog was made private??????

    I was contacted by the state police due to what’s going on. Have they been granted access to my blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    Volunteers in the forum can’t tell whether police have accesss; only staff know.

    Unfortunately, subscribers are subscribers. When you take a blog public they shouldn’t get notified, but it seems they did; Contact staff via your dashboard Help button and ask them to delete all subscribers but the three you mention.

    Where exactly did you add them? How exactly did you set the blog to Private? You can make posts Private or Public, but if the blog as a whole is set as private, do not make posts PUBLIC.


    Your answer conflicts with this…

    At least I think it does. I made the whole blog private, then let back in two people by sending invitations through WP.

    That is supposed to make it private to the public, but visible to 2 people. Marking a specific post private is supposed to make it visible to only me.

    I’m not sure if I want to keep the blog private FOREVER. I don’t want WP to erase the current 188 subscribers. I’m waiting to see what happens. BUT, until further notice, I expected PRIVATE to mean notifications were not being sent out to everybody :-(



    When the support docs are in conflict with what appears to have happened, believe your own eyes. Report it to staff; It may be a bug or it may be a “feature”. I personally predicted chaos when they changed it so notifications went out even though the blog was private, but I didn’t realize that if there were only a few people with access it would go to all the rest anyway.


    OK…I also do not understand who is who. When I write here, do just volunteers and random people read it? Do I have to contact WP a specific way? You said…Contact staff via your dashboard Help button. To talk to an actual employee that’s what I am supposed to do?


    I tried the contact link, but it says to come here as they are closed for the weekend….and that they check over here. Darn confusing!



    Private blogs only send email notices to subscribed viewers (on the privacy list) or users on the blog.

    I’m not sure why it said that it went out to all subscribers, but it definitely only went out to your chosen few.

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