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    I´m trying to make a private blog but I just realized it doesn´t work. I´m quite worried because the only reason I agreed to start a blog was that there was the possibility to make it private. Now, seeing it doesnt work, I kinda regret it…

    I have three WP accounts. Two of them are allowed to see the blog (with one i´m administrator) but the third one shouldn´t. As expected, he doesnt belong to the list of viewers. He was once but then I cancelled it and he´s not on the list anymore. BUT when i log in with my third account and try to see the blog anyways, he allows me in!!
    The worst part of it is that the administrator has no idea that this third account is seeing the blog.

    Has it ever happened to any of you?? what kind of private blog is that? pretty lame security system, if you ask me…..



    Member is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    I have several private blogs and have never experienced issue with them. Please read this about public blogs that become private blogs and see if it relates to what you describe > Blog Privacy and Subscribers >



    mmm, it doesnt really explain my situation.

    I checked through my emails and yes, I did add this third account as viewer, and he accepted, but still, that doesnt explain why he doesnt show up in my list of people i invited…. its kinda scary to know that a person can read my blog and i have no idea about it, even though i previously invited him. Just like this account doesnt come up in my list, maybe there are other accounts that are able to enter my blog and dont show up on the list (and maybe i didnt even invited them…) see my point? it kinda gets outta control.
    Any suggestions?



    I flagged this thread for Staff attention.



    So just to make sure we understanding correctly, you actually are the owner of all three accounts and you log out of one and log in again using a different account to test this? Did you try using a different browser to log in or try clearing the cookies and cache of your current browser before logging back in?

    When you say “He was once but then I cancelled it”, does that mean you removed that username under Dashboard>Settings>Privacy>Remove User?



    Thanks for the follow-up.



    Thanks both of you.

    @justjennifer: ill try to answer all the questions in order.
    1. Yes, im the owner of all 3 accounts and yes, ive been loggin in and out to test it.
    2. yes, i tried to use different browser, no, i didnt try cleaning the cookies and the rest.
    3. I actually lied about that part. I now know for sure i invited this user but i cannot say for sure whether i cancel it or not. fact is, he´s not on the list anymore but he can still see the blog.

    thank you



    no, i didnt try cleaning the cookies and the rest.

    There’s the problem right there.



    OK-thanks for the clarity.

    I just tried on my private test blog and indeed had no problem removing a second account I own and which I had added as a viewer. After removing my second account as a viewer and saving my changes, I was unable to view the private blog any longer. I encountered a screen telling me the site I reached was a private site.

    I did this using Chrome and an incognito (privacy) window for the second account.

    This makes me think it might be a cookie issue, so before Staff get back to you, could you please tell us:
    A. What browser and version you are using
    B. Try clearing your browser cookies and cache after logging out and then try logging back in as the account that should no longer have access and see if you can still access the site.



    ~~@tt :)



    Thanks again. before i clean the cookies (too scared to do it lol) i tried explore what you wrote me in your previous message. i found kind of a contradiction.

    If i go to user –> all users: there are only 2 users registered, none of them is the “ghost- account”
    if i go to settings –> privacy: under “current site members” there´s only one name, this famous ghost-account who i thought was not supposed to read the blog.
    if i go to users —> invite new —> past invitation: i finally see all of them, ghost account included.

    Now the questions is: why, even though he accepted my invitation, he doesnt show up under all users? and viceversa: why the other 2 users (admin. included) don´t show up under current site members?

    thank you again.



    Simple. Users and viewers are two different things. :)

    If that viewer account shows up under Dashboard>Settings>Privacy>Remove User, then remove it, save the changes and access by that account should be gone.

    Clearing cookies and cache is a good thing to do from time to time (not browsing history!). It solves a lot of problems. It will also sign you out of any account you’ve logged into, so do be aware of that.

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