Private blog followers are not receiving any email updates for my blog?

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    New post emails not being sent to followers? I have no idea what else to do. We’ve read nearly every forum trying to find our answer. This is horribly frustrating. My followers are not getting any update that I am posting.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry if I am stating the obvious, but after you invited your viewers to join your Private site, did they then sign up for email updates?

    If your site was previously Public, when you made it Private, it broke subscriptions for your previous Followers, which is a good thing since you only want people you invite to view your site and, obviously receive updates.




    No I guess they weren’t aware they have to manually go in and do that after they are invited and accept the invite. Thank you.



    You’re most welcome. Glad that helped get things sorted.




    Hope you can help with a couple of things. The followers of Recycle For Lewisham blog: have stopped receiving emails about new posts, how do I rectify this.

    Also, how do I set up auto tweets for new posts? And finally, I need to change the email of main user but it doesn’t allow the change. The notification is never sent to the email address I put in.

    Thanks if you are able to help.


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