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Private blog for multiple member-only

  1. Hi,

    Im new at this blogging stuff and I want to set up a private site where only my friends and I can blog.

    As I understand I can set my blog as Private here but would it be possible to set up the domain so that only selected members can blog in the same domain?

    the idea that i had in mind is to create a category for each member so that they can blog at my site. Is it doable?


  2. Is there a way to achieve this with the 'privacy' feature:

    1. Set up blog to be a private blog (open to 35 users)
    2. Have all the users be able to view and comment only.
    Not have to be assigned, admin, author, editor or contributor responsibilities.

    What I am getting at is that eg: I have a private blog. I am the only author, contributor, admin, editor. I want specific people only to have access to my blog. They can only view and comment on the contents of my blog.


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