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Private blog: requirements

  1. Private blog: Problems I am getting.
    How can any one register,
    view posts, write comments,
    But should not write comments.
    How can I have a paypal donate button.

  2. With a private blog, only visitors that you have allowed to view the blog will be able to view the posts and read the comments.

    You need to add them to your blog using their user name.

    The only way to stop users writing comments is to turn off commenting on posts and pages.

    I don't know how to do the paypal donate button.

  3. Cornell,
    Thanks! But there is a problem whoever I invite, is able to write the posts. Though I would like them to see & comment the blog. But would not like them to post. How can I prevent them from posting?

  4. @yogen70
    What is the difference between Users > Add User and Privacy > Add User ?
    User > Add user means you are letting someone into the admin of your blog. They can contribute to the blog. How much they can do depends on what role you give them but they still get in.
    Privacy > Add User means all they can do is see the blog. They cannot get into admin, they can just read the blog.

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