private blog – view user/viewer list & change level

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    OK, I did do some searching on this, but found no answers.
    I have a private blog (new) which currently has a total of 5 ‘users’ – 2 admin, 1 contributor and 2 viewers.
    In the dashbd under ‘USERS’, listed are only the 2 admins and 1 contributor – none of the ‘viewers’.
    In the ‘Invite New’ are listed the invitations to the 2 ‘viewers’.
    My Q’s:
    1. Is there anywhere where there is a comprehensive list of all – from admin down to viewers?
    2. Since viewers are not listed in ‘USERS’, how would I change the status/level of a ‘viewer’ up to a higher level, like contributor?
    3. Is there any way to add ‘Users/viewers’ without going through the whole invite process?


    The blog I need help with is

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