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Private blog visits

  1. I have a private blog and I haven't invited anyone to visit it but my statistics show around 20 views. How is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same issue as well but not as many as 20. It's saying the referrer is my Dashboard so I wonder whether it's myself but the thing is, it comes up with a few views even when I haven't logged in for that day.

  3. I'm with you. I checked an hour ago and had one site view today. I don't know why. I put up a post and checked again. Site views were up to 7. Two from WP dashboard but no indication about the others. I'm boggled. It's supposed to be private and I'm feeling a little exposed.

  4. If you look at the support page on stats and scroll down to 'additional info' you'll see this:

    "Does Site Stats include my own visits to my blog?

    Only for private blogs. For users with private blogs, your Site Stats page will show any visits that you have made to your own blog, as well the visits of other users who have access to your blog."

  5. Sorry, I meant to give you a link to it too:

  6. Thanks for the fast and helpful. But I read those links this morning. The numbers still don't work. 2 "visits" plus a posting might add up to 3 or 4. Stats show 7. I just started the private blog a week ago. First day showed 46 views. NO way did I look 46 times.

  7. It may just be a glitch, then. They're working on the stats at the moment. When do work here, things often go wrong in the interim. See this thread:

  8. Thankx 4 d quick reply

  9. my stats show a total of 195 visits to my private blog. that is outrageous. what do you say to that, it couldn't be a mistake.

  10. It's entirely possible someone who CAN read the blog linked to it off Facebook, Twitter, or another blog.

    Still does not mean people can read the blog. I can click on links to private blogs all day long and will register there as a hit, but all I get is the notice that it's a private blog and I can't read it.

  11. but i never invited anybody to my blog

  12. Did you tell anyone in real life you had one? That sometimes happens. Otherwise, i'm out of ideas.

  13. In your private blog your own views are counted too.

  14. i did not tell anybody abt the blog and no way did i visit the site

      195 times
  15. 195 views doesn't mean you did visit your site 195 times. It tells you the number of pageviews by you or someone else. Maybe you visited 30-40 posts/pages at a time or 3or 4 posts/pages 50 or 60 times. Is it clear now.

  16. Sometimes when they are messing about with the stats system mistakes do happen, though for obvious reasons it is quite hard to get staff to admit that the numbers aren't always legitimate. As long as you are sure you didn't stay logged in on a computer other people use, or give away your username and password, it's nothing to worry about.

  17. Alternatively it could just be a case of SNAFU. For a change. Again.

  18. it is a private blog, nobody has access to it except me. x-(
    And may I know what is a 'SNAFU'

  19. It stands for 'systems normal all f***** up. I'll leave you to replace the asterisks.

  20. @hiba003, I realise you're talking about a private blog here on but why is there a blogspot blog attached to your username?

  21. I have the same problem as the people above. I just posted a new entry. I did not view the entry at all, instead I went directly to the stats page and the entry had 3 views already. I suppose that would be the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA??????

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