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    Hi guys,

    Is there a way to create a new blog/forum kind of platform in which only people I approve as community members can comment and read other comments? I basically want to simplify the experience of an online forum for an older demographic (50-70 year olds).

    I’ve thought about using a facebook page but people won’t take it seriously and will doubt its legitimacy.

    A standard forum is way too complicated and not user friendly.

    A private blog would be the best option, particularly if people can subscribe using facebook connect.



    Simply use a private forum. I teach all ages of students, and believe me, they can learn a forum quickly. A blog and comments based system is almost certainly going to mess up formatting and lead to confusion.

    You could play with the P2 theme, which is a blog theme designed to mimic the forum experience. I personally hate it, but some people seem to like it. The blog would have to be Private, and you would Invite the members to see it.



    There is no forum that you can embed into a free hosted blog as there is no FTP access and we cannot install plugins. You have three options:

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