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Private blog/posts why are there 62 views?

  1. The blog is set to private. The post was set to private. Where did the views come from?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I believe the stats counts your own visits, so it's very possible that the views are simply from you viewing your own blog.

    I've also read elsewhere that the stats counts visitors who land on the "This is a private blog" page so that could also increase the views.

  3. WordPress.COM changed the stats a few weeks ago so that on a Private blog logged in user visits are now counted (before they never had a visit as logged in users were not counted on any blog) -

    For public blogs a logged in user is still not counted.

  4. Thank you for the responses. A close blog is mighty attractive... cuz. I definitely didn't click 6 times. LOL

  5. longshotsblues

    Isn't that like talking to yourself? And Answering? LOL

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