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    I have set my blog so that only ‘selected’ people can view it.

    In the FAQ, it says that when someone is log in but doesn’t have access, they will get the error message ‘you do not have permission to read this blog, please contact the blog administrator’ or something along those lines.

    However this doesn’t work, all that happens if someone is logged in but doesn’t have access is that it takes them back to their dashboard, so they have no idea the reason they can’t view it….

    any ideas?



    i’m not sure I’m following why it matters if someone knows that your blog is private/restricted access? :) if you email support with the reasons for how an alert would be of benefit, they might change it..I dunno. :)



    Provided that you have added these users using the FAQs instructions and provided they are using exactly the same email address as the one they registered with here at this shouldn’t be occurring.
    If you have followed the instructions then your only recourse is to request staff assistance



    Yes there is a possibility to add more writers in the blog. But How can I add more viewers in the private blog, not writers. They should not be able to post. They may comment though.




    Hi, help.

    I currently have two blogs with the same password. One is for public access, and the other I wish to keep for private access in that I only want those I invite to be able to see that particular blog. Can that be done? Do you know if there’s a limit on the number of people I can invite to see the blog?



    You can add up to 35 users who can access the private blog. A paid upgrade offers unlimited users. Please use the links I posted above to find the answers to your other private blog questions. :)

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