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    You know how you can see all posts on WordPress by clicking on the catgories? Well, what if one wished to show only the related posts from their own blog? Not to diss the current feature. I think catgeories are great. But It would be nice to have a “Related Posts” feature that allows users to link to all their posts the lazy way (i.e. just specify a private category and use that to link similar posts)




    Lorelle does it on her blog but I don’t know how.



    Funny, I thought Lorelle was a guy.


    Thanks for the tip.




    I think she’s doing it manually.



    Very manually. ;-) Sometimes painfully manually.

    I keep a running “site map” on my blog as well as in a text editor with the posts categorized by subject matter. This allows me to copy and paste the related articles semi-quickly, though I edit the list to match the post content. It’s a pain and a bit time consuming, but I made it a habit and it works, helping people find related content and articles.

    I wish that related posts was an option in DESPERATELY. But I know their value to the reader, so I do it out of the goodness of my own heart. That was too mushy, wasn’t it. Now, I will go throw up somewhere nicely in a corner. ;-)

    Can we have the related posts plugin installed so I don’t have to be mushy? Make it a sidebar accessory widget thingy? Huh? Please? Huh?



    For the record, I’m doing it manually as well with some of my multichaptered writings. What’s a pain is going back to edit in each new link.



    I, too, would LOVE to have the related posts plugin. I’ve learned so much from clicking around on Lorelle’s related posts. I appreciate her putting in the effort to do it manually, but I’ve been too lazy to do that on my own blog. (I just noticed how old this thread is. Could it be possible that has given us a related posts feature since then, but I just haven’t found it?)



    I’m wondering if I’m not getting something, because the local tags, in the sidebar rather than on each post, function in exactly this way. Am I just not getting what you’re talking about here?



    No, the tags in the sidebar don’t do what I want. I want some magic program that will scan my new post and match it to the 3 to 5 past articles that are most closely related to it, then paste in those specific links at the end of the post. The category tags are great for organizing my blog—providing a sort of outline of the landscape—but they don’t serve as “teasers” that would tempt someone to follow the link, like Lorelle’s related posts do.

    Ah, well. Perhaps it is too much to ask for. I should just resign myself to doing it manually, I suppose.


    I have that magic program — me. I do it manually — it’s quick and easy. And not to worry this “feature” is likely to come down the pipe real soon or Matt wouldn’t have asked about it here

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