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    Is it possible to make a blog entry visible to only nominated readers?
    I’m considering posting something that I don’t want to make public, but can allow some of my preffered readers to view. I know I can give them a password access to a blog entry, but I can’t think of a way of giiving them the password that doesn’t involve email, which for reasons of privacy (for all concerned) I’d like ot avoid.


    Yes, you can password protect it and then give the password only to those you wish to read it.


    I should have finished reading your post. Password protecting it is the only way really. The only other choice is to set the entire site to private and then you have to invite those that you want to view it to the site and they have to get a username and password if they do not have one. There is no way to set only certain parts of a site to private (requiring login).

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