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    If you go to Links > Edit > Save, there is an option “Keep this link private”

    I would expect this to keep links hidden from anonymous users, but allow users with the appropriate permissions to see them. But this isn’t happening, they don’t show up even when I am logged in as an administrator

    Can anyone exaplin why this would be? This seems to be inconsistent with the privacy option when applied to posts or comments, which do show up when I’m logged in.


    The blog I need help with is


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    No insight about the inconsistency—that is just the way private links work. Maybe you could put them on a private or password protected page.



    I have tried making the pages private and linking to them using the ‘pages widget’. They don’t show up that way either.

    Very, very odd. Surely what I’m looking to do – to have links to some pages hidden to everyone who isn’t logged in as a user of the blog – is precisely the sort of functionality people are looking for when they opt to make pages private. If private links/pages don’t work that way then they’re of very little use to anyone I would have thought.

    I’d love someone to explain the rationale behind this

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