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private messaging

  1. As a newbie I have no idea if what I'm about to ask is out to lunch or not. I just left a comment on a blog without understanding that it would be publicly viewable prior to it's owner's choice to make my comment public or not. And as I have not had anyone comment on my blog as yet I have no experience to rely upon. Is it possible for wp admin to set up private messaging between us bloggers? If so please put this on the "wish list". And if it isn't possible please forgive me for sounding like a twerp. Thanks.

  2. Any blog with Moderation turned off will post ALL comments immediately to the site. Turning Moderation on means that all comments must be approved prior to posting. For my blog, I prefer to foster the feeling of immediate feedback as if it were more of an open forum than a personal soapbox. Still, I agree that there really needs to be some form of private messaging even if it's just a checkbox option on the comments forms that allows users to mark a message as private.

  3. I like the checkbox idea. Should we post this thread as an "ideas" item for WP admin to put on the wish list? What do others think?

  4. Someone beat me to it...

  5. I rather have javascript allowed than most of the ideas that people come up with. It's all great ideas but how about a text widget for javascript ads? ** wink, wink ** lol I rather see them work on trying to figure out how to still have security with javascript allowed.

  6. What is it with you and advertising? [she asked politely]You see I have looked at your site but you don't seem to be selling anything yourself that I could fathom so I just don't get why you would be so fixated on cluttering it up with the kind of crap that drives people like me away from visiting it. In fact I have stopped visiting blogs at Blogger that were so cluttered they made me want to scream.I'm wondering: Am I alone in being advertising adverse and disinterested in the profit angle? Perhaps I'm just too dense to understand why anyone who has such a strong profit motivation and so much skill doesn't just purchase the required equipment, download a WP copy and run their own site filled with javascript advertising, but please give explaining this to me a try, okay?

  7. I spend hours everyday on my site and I thought I could be cool like other bloggers and make a little bit of money with BlogAds. They all have BlogAds on their sites. I wrote to BlogAds and asked them if it's javascript or html and they said javascript. I don't want to be like Perez Hilton and bombard my site with ads and I think I saw at BlogAds he charges $1,000 an ad. :( I'd be happy if I made the equivalent of minimum wage. lol

  8. I think I've got it. You would like to earn only a modest amount of income to justify the hours of time spent on your passion. Ahhhh yes, there are many different kinds of artists, aren't there? I also spend a great deal of time on my blog (perhaps too much). For example yesterday when I was in full sail, [see forum entry thread entitled javascript war] and was singing "She's a Man-eater" my husband countered with his baritone while pointing at my blog and chorused "It's a time eater". Then he handed me a "honey do (due) list" and said, "time is money, right?" How easy it is for the non-addicted to fingerpoint [she said with a sigh].

  9. But the thing with BlogAds is that other sites and blogs are the ones that advertise on your site. So it's not ads for t-shirts or vacations or a new mortgage like Google Adsense. What's being advertised on BlogAds are other blogs.

  10. Well, I finally had to break down and place direct contact information into a sidebar text widget. I need users to be able to contact me directly, and I don't want to force moderation on comments unless I absolutely have to. There is a possible workaround that I experimented with; it's not what I want for my site, but it might work for others:

    The reason people try to avoid posting email addresses on a website is that email harvesting bots scour the web looking for email addresses to sell to advertisers who want to fill your inbox with spam. However, these bots (along with search engine bots) cannot visit secured (password-protected) pages.

    Therefore, the simple solution is to create a password-protected page (with a fairly obvious password like "conact" or something) on which to place contact information. This can be a top-level page if you want it to display with the rest of your pages or a subpage (of, say, your ABOUT page) that will only display when the parent page displays. Then, put a text widget in the very top of one of your sidbars, title it "Contact Me" (or whatever you want,) put some text in it like,

    Please enter the password "contact" in order to contact me.
    and wrap it up in anchor tags linking to your contact page.

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