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Private pages? Possible?

  1. I would like to make a new page on my blog but I want it to be private and would not want the tab with it's name appear on the blog neither (next to "home" tab). Please tell me that is possible .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can, under "visibility" in the page editor set the page to private, which means it would only show up for you when you are logged into the site. No one else would see the page, nor could they access it even if they had the URL.

    If you want to allow only certain other people to see the page, then you can password protect that page and then only give the password to those desire. Do note that password protecting pages is not the most secure. All it takes is one post on facebook or twitter giving the password and the page is no longer protected.

  3. Visibility works the same way on Pages as it does on Posts.

    *You* will see the private page when you are logged in as the blog admin, but it won't be visible to casual visitors.

    Also, if you create a custom menu, you can entirely keep private pages out of the navbar.

  4. ~~@tsp! (needed to refresh first!)

  5. thanks for replies; what I want is to have a place on my blog where you can not go by browsing the blog, and only by clicking on a link to it. So i do not want this link to be visible to anyone surfing the blog, and I only want to show that link to some persons on yahoo messenger. If i make a page private i must be logged in to see it :( and if i make it public, a button will appear near the "home" tab with that page's name , and I do not want that.

  6. Private means exactly that. There's no point in creating a private page if you want to give access to someone else. Just saying. :)

    Rather, you might want to password protect a Page after you create a Custom Menu to keep it out of the navbar. But, as tsp pointed out, all it takes is for someone to share the password and it's not really protected any longer.

  7. ok , my mistake, i didn't mean actually that kind of "private" page, where u can select the privacy when u create the page; I mean that i want it to be "secret" to anyone except people i want to share the link with, and without using passwords. If this cannot be done with pages, i will adopt any other way. (With other words, i want to have a link without a button on the blog that goes to it) Thank you.

  8. Again, check out the Custom Menu.

    Just be aware that if your blog privacy is set to "I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers" that "hidden" page will be indexed by search engines that crawl the site.


  9. I just want the page not to appear in the menu, but to be accessible without password ! And custom menus can't do this; or i do not know how to do it . Please anyone? I really do not care if google and bing finds that that page, I only want it not to appear in the menu and nowhere on the blog. :(((((

  10. Custom menus can do exactly this, because they replace the default menu and they display whatever you tell them to display.

    In Appearance>Menus:
    add a menu and name it, say, "Home tab only";
    click View All in the Pages module, tick Home, click Add to Menu;
    click Save Menu;
    select that menu from the dropdown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.

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