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  1. Once I visited a site which contain a private post. I could not see that and I thought that that post was visible only to the administrator. But I saw some well known bloggers posted comment there. And I believe that administrator gave them access to the post.
    I want to publish a private post. I mean "password protected". And want to give some people access to it (not everyone). Just wondering how to do that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You set the post to password protected, then type in a password.

    Then you can tell or email people you want to look at the post what the password is.

  3. I was talking about your blog :)
    Will my subscriber receive the password in e-mail if I post password for them in the post.
    Or they don't need password?

  4. I thought so ≥^!^≤

    Your subscribers won't get the password when you publish the post. They will see that you published a password protected post, and they will see the title, but they won't be able to read the post.

    You need to send the password separately to people you want to see your post.

  5. Thanks Tess.
    But that doesn't sound well. I don't wanna distribute it.
    But I'll feel happy if you give me the password of your one. I was much curious about that.:)

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