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private post and mature content

  1. My blog is not adult content, but I want to make one post that is. If I make a post private where people have to ask for a password to view it would that be enough to not have to label my whole blog as mature? It will just be a one off, so i don't want to have my whole site labelled adult.

  2. I would think you'd be fine, since all anyone would see is a notice that a password is required to view the post. I can't remember if the title will be visible. If you want to be certain, contact support when they reopen and ask. Never hurts.

  3. Oh hi ella. Thanks. Haven't checked out your food lately.

  4. And I haven't seen your empty parking lots lately. :) I think I'll rectify that right now.

  5. I've got some food related today.

  6. HA! That's not what I commented on!

  7. Hey, hey, get a parking lot you two!

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