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    I was editting a post that I wrote a few days ago and that had been accessible to everyone (non members too) until tonight, when I noticed that the word private had been added to the post’s title. I was still able to view the post when logged in but not when I logged out. Now I know this is a feature that can be turned on to restrict who sees your posts but I didn’t turn this feature on and I want everyone to be able to view it.

    It seems as if this feature has been randomly turned on for this particular post. I went in to Dashboard > Options > Privacy to double check that I hadn’t accidentally turned on something but I hadn’t.

    What’s the problem and how can resolve it? I want to make this post viewable to everyone, like it was before. Please help!



    This happens on occasion. Here’s a previous thread with the solution:


    Thanks, I’ve fixed it.

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