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    This morning after I editted the Title of the post I wrote last night saved the change I went to my site to see the changes. I notice that the post had been rendered Private. I do not believe I clicked on anything to make be listed as Private. That was not my intention. How can I remove the Private in front of my post?



    Edit the post in question and change the Page Status (blue button right hand side beyond the editor box) from “private” to “published” then click “Publish”.


    Hmm. I do not see the blue button that you are refering to above. I may need some more clarity. I go to my site. Click on edit. It brings a copy of the post to the edit area –where I previously wrote that post. When I am in that area I look all around and do not see a blue button to the right side to click on to change the status from Pirivate to Publick. Can you please give me more help in locating the button? Thanks.




    There are a number of options down the right side of the edit page:
    Post Password
    Post Slug
    Post Status
    Post Timestamp


    Opps. Never mind timethief. I found the area and changed it. I do not understand why it got checked as private in the first place. I have never gone into that box before to change the status one way or another. Any suggestions?




    I pointed you toward another thread about the Privacy bug in whatever thread you asked this question in earlier. Frankly, i can’t find it right now. It’s something that crops up on occasion.



    It’s been mentioned a couple times within the last few days. It’s been reported as a bug and staff is aware of it.

    I’m blaming Barry. I think he did it. :)



    Thanks Guy and Gals. Much appreciated. Staff does an awesome job. Did someone say RAID. Bugs beware. It is good that we have this forum network. Cuts down on trying to troubleshoot what I do not understand. Thanks for helping me along the way. You all Rock!



    Just for reference, the issue has been reported in the trac system now.

    Looks like in may be a wordpress core issue.

    edit: Please report your browser and browser version.



    Thanks for this info and thanks for the blog comment, drmike!

    As I said in my reply to you on my blog, the SuperBug also happens on the latest Firefox for Mac and I think it might also be affecting edited comments, too…

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