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    I’ve been wondering –
    If I post a “private post”, can my followers view it?
    Is there any type of post where only people with the link can view it, and it’s not emailed to followers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Post visibility options:

    Public – The post will be visible to everyone.
    Stick this post to the front page – The post will be “stuck” to the top of the blog’s front page. More info about Sticky Posts below.
    Protected – The post is protected with a password you set. Any user that has the password can view a protected post.
    Private – Posts are only visible to blog Editors and Administrators. Private posts are not visible in Blog Surfer, feeds, or in any search. A post can be private without being password protected.
    read more here .


    I understand all of that, but that’s just from the article.
    What I’m asking is if I post a password protected post OR a private post, does it get emailed to my followers?



    Yes. Published password protected post titles do appear in your RSS feed. However, only those with the password can access them and read them.

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