Private Site: Enable "Viewers" – Add Pages w/Visual Editor?

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    Hi. Our new WordPress Writers’ (Workshop) Site would, at least at the start, be best established in the PRIVATE mode. However, since our Users are writers, they need access for adding to the PAGES area in addition to being given permission to add COMMENTS. Or does User permission for Comments “come with” permission for adding to Pages? That is for VIEWERS, which seem to be the only “level” established for Private sites.

    I would prefer not to set up the site as PUBLIC with EDITOR permissions for the writers as that is too powerful. However, if the AUTHOR level allows access to Page Adds, that would be second best. Page Adds would function as a use/category such as “December Submissions” or “Second Draft” or “Excerpts”, etc… To do this as COMMENT Scroll would be too awkward.

    Also, is the VISUAL EDITOR available to all types of USERS: i.e. Viewers on a Private Site, or Authors/Editors on a Public Site?

    THANK YOU to any & all for your assistance on this topic!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Take a look here:

    If someone has permission to write a post or page, they have permission to comment as well.

    You are misunderstanding the difference between Pages and Posts. This will seriously hamper you unless you read this:



    OK. I already looked at those support pages. My question is conditioned by my preference for a private site. By omitting other detail, the support you refer to indicates that ONLY “Viewers” can be defined/mapped/pointed to a private site.

    It appears that if I wanted Authors or Editors on a private site I’m out of luck.

    To try to solve the problem from the weak end, – unfortunately also, – nowhere does the support say that “Viewers” have permissions on parity with either Authors or Editors. It then logically states that Viewers may view and Comment, and is silent on Pages or edits.

    The semantics on Posts/Comments is moot, irrelevent. I see Comments as nothing more than specially formatted Posts that happen to be replies.

    But as you know it is all a matter of the File Design…..

    The Support Pages should be more complete.





    I think you’re reading that backwards. You can add users with whatever user role you want on your private blog.

    The role of Viewer is only available on a private blog, you cannot add a Viewer to a public blog.

    The role of a Viewer is exactly as it sounds. They can only view a private blog, nothing else.



    Lovely! But it doesn’t state or show that where you come to the SUPPORT/HELP documentation for Private Blogs. It only discusses VIEWERS. So I am forced to guess. That is why I am here. Of course, I could have just played around with the settings. But that might have stuck me with something I unusable that I couldn’t change back, and then I’d have to start all over from scratch.

    Fortunately, you seem to have resolved this question. Thank you.

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