Private user settings?

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    Is it possible to allow private users but then disallow them from editing? I would like to use this as a security measure for my blog.


    We need a link to the blog please.



    Sorry. I thought it was a general question. Thanks for the quick reply.


    We get a lot of people asking questions here that are not hosted here, so this is one way that we make sure that you are in the right forum so we don’t waste your time, nor ours.

    If you have your blog set to private, then you add the users you want to be able to VIEW the blog at settings > privacy.

    If you add users at users > authors & users then you are allowing them access to the back end of your blog with the ability to post/edit/change things. How much they can do is dependent on the level of access you give them.

    DO NOT add “viewers” at users > authors & users.

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