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    I just finished setting up my WordPress, so that it functions with multiple pages for multiple uses (e.g.: a page with my resume, a page with my non-personal writing, a page for my photography, and a page for my blog).

    I want to keep each of the pages (with the exception of my resume) private so that if someone finds my site, they can’t read all about me and my feelings.

    I thought that I made the “Blog” page password protected so that you would need a password once to get in and read all of them. I believe that successfully did that with the first post, as it says “Protected” by the post title and requires a password.

    My posts following that, however, were not automatically protecting themselves, so I clicked “private” when going back and saving them. Now, even with the password, I can’t see them. (I’m assuming that “private” means that it is for my own, private viewing.)

    Obviously there is a difference between these two terms. My question is how can I make my whole page (or each individual post, if necessary) password “protected”?



    You can either make the whole blog private by going to: Options > Privacy and checking the option “I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose” or you have to protect each single post as you already did with the first one.

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