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Private while I start for two weeks

  1. I'd like to blog content for about two weeks for my own learning and viewing, before making it public to others. Do I start with Private setting, and two weeks later change it to search engine viewable?

    for bonnetfriends forever blog.
    thank you,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To change blog visibility go to > Settings > Reading. See the guide here

  3. Note that once you go public, your getting listed on search engines will be DELAYED, as they will have noted that it's a private blog and will not check back quickly, so it will be longer to get listed on Google than if you started as public. That is, from the minute you go public it will be the normal period of up to seven weeks, PLUS an extra number of weeks, because they won't re-check and will think you're still private.

  4. Thanks Timethief.

    Raincoaster, thank you so very much for raising this very important point. I would never have considered that. I will reconsider my strategy!

  5. @RC - what if once they are back to public letting search engines in, they publish several Posts, the Posts will cause their blog to notify search engines that they are now open for business, would not that work to mitigate any crawls done while Private?

  6. In practice, it doesn't work that well, no. I've seen an otherwise inexplicable three week delay in getting a site listed; of course incoming links will accelerate the listing, but just blogging? Not on its own, no.

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