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Prize money for blogs

  1. There is a site called which is offereing prize money for best blogs provided the posts are made on their platform. I don't know how it will go. Is it possible to post on ibibo and give a reference(link) from existing wordpress blog for every post till we are sure whether or not we want to continue with isbib? I know that legally there maynot be anything wrong but just wanted to check.

  2. Best bet would be to ask staff directly via a feedback and a pointer to this thread. This is a policy question and that falls outside of what we discuss here in the forums.

  3. I think I'd ask; they will probably want the content to be exclusive to them, because otherwise you're advertising WordPress as much as their service by posting, and that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing, wouldn't it?

  4. Thanks, drmike and raincoaster.

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