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    Hi. I recently purchased the Pro Upgrade, having reviewed the PR schpeel from the WordPress boffins. However, the result is extremely disappointing and I feel cheated, to put it mildly.

    Take a look at my most recent blog – Tea Time.

    You will see that I have colour headings for all sections in the ‘Edit’ but none of the colour appears in the actual post. Why?!
    Line spacings disappear during edition, or just when posting, and are generally a disaster. I have introduced hash (-) to introduce line spacing by another means.
    Paragraph spacing also tends to be more influenced by the prevailing weather conditions than any typographical efforts on my behalf.
    Colour editing of general script sometimes does not appear on the edit for some reason but (Praise the Lord) appears on the Post when you update. Or sometimes the opposite seems to happen for no earthly reason (so an unearthly one I presume).

    I see on various forums that many many others are also tearing their hair out & losing sleep for the exact same reasons as me. One lady reported on the forum that she received a line of computer code from you guys – just to introduce a line spacing she was having trouble with. She was actually grateful to get it! FFS – Computer code!!!
    And I am aware that many of the problems I list above are not related to the Pro bundle so don’t go down that road please! I have communicated with you in recent past about some of these issues already, without any success or solutions.

    Sorry guys, but for all the hype, bravado & WordPress PR, the site seems to have many very basic problems that in theory are easily solved – maybe with a few lines of computer code, but at your end – not mine!

    I will however persevere with WordPress for the mo, as it took me long enough to set it all up, I am new to the game and I just do not have to time to go elsewhere. But respectfully – Is anyone working on a fix for these issues. It’s a joke that these elementary issues continue given your resources.

    Yours in very erratic color/line space blogging

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes, all modifications via the Custom Design upgrade are done by editing the CSS code. If that is not sufficient, you can hire a designer and/or get a refund.

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