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Pro Upgrade, Stats and Google ranks

  1. Hi - I'm considering the "Upgrade to Pro" or moving my wordpress blog to a hosting site. What I'm curious about is what will happen to my site stats and to my ranking in Google searches. There are a few search terms where my blog comes up on the first page of Google results, and I'd like to keep that - would that change if I switched to self hosting? Would I get to keep my search standing if I used the Pro upgrade?

  2. Are you ware of what domain mapping is for? We purchase domain mapping so our visitors clicking on any of the indexed content URLs anywhere on the internet, including in searh engines results are seamlessly transferred to the same content under the domain URLs.

    If you choose to purchase a domain and domain mapping then be aware that authority your blog may have in the niche and page rank are not transferable. It will take about 4 months for Google to reindex your content under the doamin URLs. Once that's complete, all things remaining equal your domain will perobably have the same rank as it did previously.

    If you do not purchase domain mapping and simply set up a install and import your content into it then every one of the subdomian URLS will produce a 404 (page not found) error as every link will be broken.

  3. I thought I was aware of what domain mapping was for. What wasn't clear to me was the following:

    Right now, searches on Google on XXX show my page at

    If I buy the domain name and link that to, what happens to the searches in Google? Do they continue to show links to, do they show them to, or both?

  4. Also note that you can purchase a domain mapping upgarde as a singular upgrade.

    If you later decide to move your content into a install at any time then if you’ve registered your domain through and want it to point to a that website hosted elsewhere, you can do this by updating the nameservers.

  5. For 4 months while the content is being re-indexed by Google both the URLs and the domain URLs will appear in indexed content in the SERPS (search engine page results. If and when the URLs are clicked there will be a seamless redirection to the same content under the domain URLs, provided you have a domain mapping upgrade. If you do not have a domain mapping upgrade and just move conmtent into a install then all those original URLs to your content will be broken.

    You do no "own" the position your content has now in the Google SERPS (search engine page results). You have zero control over that. Fresh and relevant content from other sites can bump your content out of the search position it has now at any time.

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