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probably a really simple answer to this css question...

  1. but i'm a noob, so i need all the help i can get.

    anyway, i downloaded and installed a theme (almost spring) and i opened the css file to tweak the colors to my liking.

    everything went well, except i can't figure out how to change the background of the actual body where the blog text is, all of the headers, footers, sidebars and so forth are changed, as are the text and links within the blog, just not the main, central background.

    as it stands right now, it's plain, it's one of two things:

    either, i'm looking in the wrong place for it

    or, by default it's just white and i actually need to enter a line of code/text in order to change from white to my color of choice.

    either way, if anyone has any suggestions, i'd surely appreciate it.

  2. if you've downloaded a theme, you must be self-hosted, am i right? if so you need to place your query over here as this forum is for bloggers hosted by though we do use css, and maybe if we have our resident css expert around, he might help you solve your problem.

  3. @sulz
    Just so you know SBK is not available and probably will not be for at least another week perhaps two.

  4. nobody else besides sunburntkamel who can help with css questions?

    anyway if simondawson is self-hosted, he would be able to get his question answered in the forum.

  5. The CSS gurus have absolutely no chance of bringing their guns to bear on the problem without a link to the BIQ.

  6. For sure it is a question for the self-hosted forums though in this case as the theme for is a little different anyways.


  7. My union card doesn't show CSS guru listed on it. I do try on occasion though.

  8. sorry for posting in the wrong place, i just now realized there's a wordpress .com and .org....i'll take my query down the street

  9. Not a problem. Good luck :)

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