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    hi guys, i’ve tried my best but could not work this out. when i add a link in the blogroll, the links appear under a new heading “AATIF” which is the only category i’ve added. although, it should appear under LINKS which I actually want. there were two links added under that category by default, and which i deleted to customize and now i am unable to add them back to there. i reckon its a bug from wordpress.

    could someone help me fixing it please. or at least show me a way to completely reset my blog so i can start from scratch!

    awaiting reply, thanks



    So, do you have a category called “Links”?

    If so, what happens, exactly, when you try to assign a link from your blogroll to the “Links” category?



    When you first got your blog the default category for links was “Blogroll”. You can change this default category for links or any other category you want and still retain the function here ->Options -> Writing – scroll down to “Default link category ” and click “Update Options” to save.

    You should be able to enter the links for and into your Bolgroll which you have re-named Links here -> Blogroll and if you can’t do that now then I would suggest you wait until after the scheduled maintenance to check as categories are being adjusted then

    reference:understanding your blogroll, links and categories



    the problem is still not being fixed! i tried adding a new category with the name “Links” and added a new URL under Links. Now as you can see on the new link “a” has been added under the Links category below “Aatif” category and the top “Links” section is still empty. I hope you guys understand what I mean and what I am trying to do! I want to add my links under the “Links” section which appears to be empty. By deleting the “Links” category which I created myself, the top “Links” does not disappear and stays there only.

    So, can somebody help me in fixing it because it looks so weird and improper. I love the theme and hope this is not a theme or css problem. (i have not modified css)

    awaiting reply,



    someone please help me!



    Support is not open on weekends. Staff do monitor these threads and hopefully will help you before Monday. If not then you will have to use the “support” button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page to send them the details and request their help.




    Isn’t the first “Links” actually the title of the widget, not a category at all?



    For those of us that like to change the names of things… here’s another bit of curious tweakiness… I changed the name of my default category “Blogroll” and at about the same time I changed which category would be my default category.
    I was having problems in that everytime I added a link via Blog Info > Add to Blogroll… it would add it to a non-existant category of 1356.
    I could NOT for the life of me find where I set the default until reading this post… and then as I found it and was changing it, I realized:
    >> My default category I was using started with a special character (“!”) not a letter or a number. I think this is what made wordpress get wiggy and keep giving me the ‘1356’ category.
    (I kinda like it, in that meaningless kind of way!)

    So… for anyone’s info… here it is.

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