Problem adding tags to posts

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    I have a private wordpress blog at

    Last night I made an entry and when the completed entry plus ‘achievement side bar’ thing appeared, I noticed there were only 2 tags. Sometimes when I add tags I forget to hit ‘enter’ so the tags aren’t saved. I figured that’s what must have happened so started adding my tags directly on the ‘achievement side bar’. This morning I noticed my post still had only those two tags so I went to edit the post and re-add all the tags. When I hit update and viewed the post, still there were only 2. Adding tags one at a time and hitting update made no difference.

    I tried using a different browser (chrome at first, firefox next) with not difference. I tried copying the post and reposting it the added tags with no difference (still only the original 2 showed up). Then I tried posting an entirely new post with the heading ‘Testing’ and added a handful of random tags. When I published, the post was only tagged with ‘testing’, which wasn’t one of the tags I entered.


    The blog I need help with is


    Have just made another entry and only the first of the tags I entered appeared after posting.

    Please help. No problems on my other blog under this same username.

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