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    I sometimes like to browse the ‘Tag’ pages – specifically Photography when I’m not logged in, however currently I am unable to get past page 1. When I click on Page 2 at the bottom I am taken to a screen which says ‘Sorry, we don’t have any posts here with that tag. You may want to try one of the sites below’.

    I’ve tried other Tag topics such as ‘News’ and the result is the same. All cookies and cache have been cleared and a new Firefox session started several times.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’n using Firefox 14.0.1 and I don’t experience what you describe. Exactly which browser and version of it are you using? If you don’t know you can click here to find out > Have you tried using another browser?

    The Tags pages are being rendered useless by Tag spammers. Yesterday, I reported that pack of Tag spammers whose spam was assigned to all the major Tags pages including Photography. Today the same spam posts are still under the Photography tag and I just reported another spammer under News too.



    Thanks for your response Timethief. It’s curious that you are not having similar problems. I’m also using Firefox 14.0.1 and I also tried Opera. I’m stuck with Page 1 and can view no further!

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