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Problem (bug?) with sub categories

  1. Hello.

    I've set up 2 main categories and I'm not trying to age some years to each of these as sub categories.

    I added a few year sub categories to one of the parent categories to test everything first off and it all worked fine. But now as I'm adding all the sub category years I need into both parent categories I'm getting an error. WordPress thinks this sub category already exists and own't allow me to create it...even though it doesn't exist.

    To be explicit here's what I have so far

    Parent category #1
    — 1987
    — 1988
    — 1989
    — 1990
    — 1991

    Parent category #2
    — 1987
    — 1989
    — 1990
    — 1991
    — 1992
    — 1993

    WordPress won't allow me to add 1988 to parent category #2 or 1992 to parent category #1

    There's also some odd display problems on initially adding the sub category as it doesn't immediately show as a child of the parent in the created category list but after a page refresh sorts itself out.

    I'm using Firefox on Windows Vista Premium Home Edition.
    I know this is a long post but I wanted to try and explain the problem as much as I could.

    Can anyone help with this? There doesn't seem to be anything in the FAQ on this as an acknowledged problem.


  2. Sorry that first sentence is a bit garbled... it should read

    I've set up 2 main categories and I'm trying to add some years to each of these as sub categories.

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