Problem changing font sizes – "heading", "paragraph", etc.

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    I seem to have trouble changing between the different font types/sizes in the visual editor (where you can choose to format the text as either “paragraph”, “heading”, “address” etc). I have some footnotes on my pages, and I’d like them to be less prominent on the page (smaller). I tried changing them to “address” instead of “paragraph”, which makes them suitably small, but on certain pages, this only seems to work in visual editor, and not on the published wordpress page.

    It works here:

    It doesn’t work here:

    Unfortunately, I’m not HTML savvy enough to fix it…

    The blog I need help with is



    Thanks. So as usual, it’s easier to change the actual HTML, and not whine about how the visual editor options don’t work :)


    You’re welcome.

    It’s both easier and more trustworthy, first because the tools of the visual editor are limited, second because the styling of Headings etc. is theme-dependent; they may look completely different if at some point you switch to a different theme. Example:

    But please study my whole post instead of simply copying a code model: the span tag is used for characters, words or phrases inside a paragraph; for a complete paragraph you use the p tag instead, for a section comprising more paragraphs you use the div tag.

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