problem changing the url to my wordpress site

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    I installed wordpress on my own domain and everything went smoothly until I decided I didn’t want the url to my blog to have “wordpress” in it. I wanted something more fitting instead so I tried changing the name of the wordpress folder in my ftp, but with this the site stops working. Changing it back to “wordpress” again, everything works fine.

    There was a setting where you could change this on the dashboard, but as soon as I tried this the wordpress powered part of the site breaks down. Now I can’t even reach my dashboard to undo the change, even if I re-install wordpress manually.

    Please help!!



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    I have my blog adress as

    I recently bought and registeres the domain name

    My question is how do i change my blog address to my registered address.

    It seems not to work yet i was charged for it

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    I too have the same question.

    We pointed

    you are sent to the correct location, but the displayed URL changes back to the internal wordpress one.

    How do I fix this, do I need to pay that additional $5 to get it to work properly?
    Thank You



    Please let’s get some things straight here. That’s NOT the URL for your blog. No URLs contain “www”. This is the correct URL

    The instructions for domain mapping from your root blog to your new domain at http:// are found here

    If you purchased your domain from then this is the entry to note



    If you are experiencing problems with domain mapping the Volunteers cannot help you, only Staff can



    Please contact Staff as Volunteers cannot help you with your issue

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