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    Why do some blogs require entering ID and password for “Like” even though I am already logged in–then they reject the information I enter?

    The blog I need help with is



    The like button, like every other in-house use only like button (example: Facebook) can only be used by those who have registered username accounts when they are logged in to and when they are visiting other blogs.


    I neglected to say that the problem occurs when I am using the WordPress Reader. I am assuming that the contributors are all members?



    Aha! That’s useful information. Do you have more than one username account?


    Yes, because I have one WordPress blog, then my website is separate on my own domain because I have to sell my book though amazon and I have a page with some of the products mentioned in the book.

    I always log in with the username and password for the blog, unless I have to edit my website which has a different username and password.

    Does that sound correct?



    It sounds like you are doing this correctly to me but I could have missed something. I have two username accounts and I follow different blogs from each of them but I don’t have this issue. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thanks so much for your help, Timethief.



    Hi Carole,

    What browser and version are you using? if you visit

    You can check to see. You may be having a glitch with your Firefox – I have seen some issues with Firefox and having to log in and out repeatedly. Could you also try with Chrome to see if you have the same issue or if it resolves with that browser to help us pinpoint if it’s indeed browser-specific?



    I was using Internet Explorer 9 and finally reached the point that I could hardly log on at all. It could not load the pages.

    When I changed to Firefox it was wonderful. The only glitch has been that I cannot use “like” on about half of the blogs I visit. The black ribbon does not appear on those posts. I can, however, reply to the post by clicking the little blue WordPress emblem and my gravatar comes up. But even then I cannot use “like” with that page.

    I am hesitant to try Chrome now that I have my preferences and bookmarks set up with Firefox.

    I suspect that my internet provider is at fault. HughesNet claims everything is fine, but when I try to let the Geek Squad access my PC for diagnostics, the connection is not good enough for them to get in. I have to carry the box to the store, then they can’t find anything wrong with it.

    I live close enough to an interstate highway to hear the traffic, but I do not have fiber optic service available to me.

    Any advice?



    Hi there,

    The black ribbon does not appear on those posts. I can, however, reply to the post by clicking the little blue WordPress emblem and my gravatar comes up. But even then I cannot use “like” with that page.

    This might be because they are not sites that are hosted by us at Just to make sure, can you point me to one of those sites so that I can check?


    Here is the website of a blogger who wrote a nice review of my book, but I can’t use “like.”


    I found another blog with the above theme, and it worked okay.
    Here are two other blogs in Reader where I did have the problem:



    Hi, thanks for the links. So I can confirm that all 3 sites are hosted by us.

    Can you specify what happens when you try to click “like”? The more detailed, the better. Also, if you could take a screenshot, that would prove useful as well. You can take a screenshot by following the instructions here:

    Making a screenshot

    and then you can upload it to your media library. Please let me know when you’ve done that, and I’ll take a look. Thank you!


    I was unable to make a screenshot. Sorry.

    When I click “like,” a small gray box appears. It says “Just one more step to like this.” I fill in username and password, then click “log in.” It thinks about it for a while, then jumps to the top of the blog. When I scroll back down, I see that the box is gone and nothing has been changed. This is what happens on any blog in Reader that does not appear with the black ribbon at the top.



    Ok, now I see what you mean. This is a known issue that we have with likes on some sites, and our developers are working on a fix for it. Thanks for the additional information!


    Thanks. Glad to know it’s not just me.

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