Problem consolidating links in navigation bar (Contempt theme)

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    I’m using the Contempt theme for my blog, which is at I’ve followed the directions in the links below:

    But think I’m still doing something wrong. I’d like to (1) have my “Welcome” page be what shows up when people visit the blog, (2) allow visitors be able to post below the text on that page, and (3) have only one link on the navigation bar: either “Welcome” or “Home” (but not both).


    (The problem seems to stem from not being able to set “Home” as my static page because it doesn’t show up as an option under “Settings,” “Reading,” “A Static Page.”)

    Thanks in advance.



    You have achieved (1) and (2). The problem with (3) is that if you have a static page as your front page, you do also have to have a link to the main blog page with all your posts. So that’s two links: Home and Posts (as you have now).

    Home is set as your static page. Try clicking on it – it takes you to the welcome page. If you were to get rid of the ‘Posts’ link, then there would be no way for visitors to get from the welcome page to the actual blog.



    Thank you rosclarke, that clears up the confusion.

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