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    I’m using Andreas 09 as my theme and I can’t seem to create a link within my posts. The function button for linking on the toolbar doesn’t seem to be working and if I type the url is does not create a link. Any ideas. Is this a known problem or is it just me?



    which button is used on the tool bar to create links?
    I am not able to create link It only works some of the time
    I think the link creator is broken. ( It should be fixed as this is
    an important function.



    What browser are you guys using?


    @william, your forum profile is linked to a commercial website. You might want to change that and link it to your blog instead. That will allow the people in the forum to get to your blog more easily when you are having problems.

    @fasting, it would help if you too [updated] your user profile to link to your blog here.

    At the top of the forum page click “view your profile” then click “edit” and enter your blog address under “website” and click update your profile.



    Actually William may want to take a second or two and read the ToS as I’ve just found their blog here at

    But for reference:


    I’ve updated my profile. I’m using firefox.



    @ fastingfeasting : First of all, you should remove the “www.” in your blog address – it can cause some people trouble when trying to reach your blog…

    On the linking issue – it should work (in firefox) if you write the link text in the post first, then select it and press the link button – and then write the address in the url field… Beware that it *can* be buggy if you do not include “http://” in the url.

    Hope it helps,
    – Biyang


    Thanks Biyag. That resolved the problem. I would not have thought about having to type it then highlight and then link it. Thanks everyone for the help.



    Thank you for your help everyone,
    i found that i have to refresh my page or the
    tool bar dosn’t show.

    I also found the info on the help
    section that has easy instructions
    that anyone can understand and follow.

    You guys are great keep up the good work
    I think wordpress is the best blog on line…
    What do you think?



    how do you embed a link into your post
    for example i want the word blue to be clicked and link to a blue cloud

    how can that be done

    i tried the <a href thin but it did not work

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