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    I create new pages all the time, but today, every effort results in this error message: “Error 404 not found.” The really weird thing is that I can create new pages on one of my blogs, but not on the other. Help!



    Sorry – we had some issues which affected some blogs and not others.

    If this persists, send me a feedback?


    No worries. I’ll try again later. Thanks.



    I can’t create a page either. I’m new to this, so I don’t know if its a glitch in the system or if I’m missing the obvious. I managed to create one post after having the same problem. I can type in a title, but I can’t get the cursor to appear in the text box. Am I doing something wrong?


    After waiting a few hours I was able to create new pages without any problems. I’m chalking it up to a glitch.

    johnbenneth: after typing in the title for your page, if you click into the text box, the cursor should appear. If if doesn’t, then I’m not sure what the problem is…I think that would be a tech-support question. Good luck.



    The Cursor Thing:

    It’s a WordPress problem, and it’s intermittent. I’ve experienced and reported it a couple of times. Try again in an hour is the best advice I can give, and also give the crew a Feedback so they know it’s happening; that should help them narrow down the cause.



    I’m also having problems creating new pages on one of my blogs for some time now. Should I wait the problem to be fixed? or can I go ahead writing while I wait and publish later?



    I’m also having a problem with a new page. I added two new pages today (very similar ones) and one is loading fine and the other keeps coming up with this message:


    Something has gone wrong, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.

    Hopefully one of the options below will help you

    * You can search the site using the search box to the right
    * You could visit the homepage
    * Or you could have a look through the recent posts listed below, maybe what you’re looking for is there”




    Help us help you by telling us what the two pages are. :)



    Hi, I can create my page with no problem but when I save it all I get is a link that goes back to my main blog.

    The above link is for my mailing list for you to view. It looks okay in the text editor. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.




    The page above looks fine to me. The link in the post takes me right to the signup page for your mail list.



    Regarding my post above, after a couple of hours everything got fixed.

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