Problem cropping blog picture (blavatar image)

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    I removed my existing blog picture (blavatar image) and uploaded a new one.
    From here I was taken to the page where you crop the image prior to saving it.
    The pre-set cropping lines, square in shape, are smaller than the image I wish to use,
    but I can not get the lines to drag to a larger sized box.

    I tried re-sizing the image to a smaller size, and then uploaded the smaller image.
    The new smaller image appears to be the same size while in the cropping feature,
    and I have the same problem as I had with the oriinal image. I can’t seem to do anything
    with the pre-determined square cropping box other than move the square around on
    my image. I could not seem to locate a similar topic while searching the forum.

    Any guidance greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is


    The size of a blavatars (favicons) when displayed in the address bar or tabs on a browser is 16px x 16px. Try resizing your image down to 32×32 and then do the upload and cropping (or better yet, size it to 16×16 before uploading it.



    I tried it at 16 x 16 and 32 x 32 and the same problem exists as originally explained. The cropping feature just gets smaller as the image gets smaller; it still prevents me from retaining the full image within the boundaries of the cropping field.


    My only other suggestion would be to contact staff directly at . The blog picture thing has been a little finicky.



    Thanks. I’ll mark this resolved and come back if I can’t get it figured out. Appreciate your time.


    You’re welcome.

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