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    I am having problems when trying to customize my header….yes, I checked, the theme I selected allows for customization. I have no problem at all uploading the image, but even when I resized the image to the 760 pixels (and I’ve tried several sizes…all jpeg formats), the ‘cropping box’ still will not accept the entire ‘masthead’ image I’ve uploaded. Am operating Windows XP with Explorer 7.0. Any idea why I can’t get this to work?



    Which theme are you trying to use? Can you give us a link?



    As I said in the other thread you posted this to, the file size might be a factor. How big is the file itself?



    I went ahead and deleted the other posts from the other thread. Just for reference, duping posts really isn’t needed here and is frowned upon most places on the net. (Get you banned at some sites.)


    I’m new to WordPress, inadvertantely put my ‘reply’ (1st post) into what appeared to be a closed issue, so re-entered it as a ‘new’ post. Bear with me, I’ll get all this sooner or later…

    I’m using the Kubrick theme, which says it has a customizable header. The file that I’m uploading (the 760 x 200 version, which I’m told will be used ‘as is’ with no cropping) in 4.93 KB, not a large file. But, I’ve tried three different sized files and keep getting the same cropping issue….it will only allow me to ‘crop’ out part of the header image. Uploading is no problem, I just can’t get the size and cropping issue resolved.

    My blog is: Right now it’s just got a standard title typed in, but I want to use my ‘branded’ masthead.



    Odd. I just changed the theme of one of my sites to Kubrick and uploaded a newly-created 760×200 jpeg image. It did not prompt me to crop it.
    If this is still happening I would suggest asking for support as I am not able to replicate the problem.
    BTW – Kubrick does look a bit odd with a custom image header. The drop shadow on the top two corners is rounded, but the image comes out square. Just looks a bit odd.


    Was scanning some of the other topics and saw someone recommend uploading in .gif format and not, .jpg, so I tried that on the off chance it might work. It did…sort of! The .gif uploaded quickly (in the 760×200 size) and the crop box did not appear at all. But, when the system recommended that I go to my blog and check it out, it was there, all right, but it was just a tiny strip in the top left corner of the header! Totally wierd. Thanks for the heads up about the corners. I may just have to recreate a header with rounded corners in the 760 x 200 format and try again.



    Shouldn’t be having an issue with a 4.93kb file. Can you just upload it to your space and post a link to it please?
    We have folks here who try to do multiple megs for a header and that’s usually when the cropped kicks in.

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