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    I like the Regulus theme, but I would like to change the colors. I can do this for some items, but not the ones contained in a switch.css file that comes later in the HTML document than the link for my style changes. Anyone had success customizing this theme? Thanks…



    The only customization I have seen of the Regulus theme has been done by a self-hosting coder and it can be viewed here

    Please be patient and I’ll let sunburntkamel know that you have posted to the support forum rather than the css customization forum so he can get back to you.

    EDIT: This is the second time I have witnessed an elf moving a thread from the support forum to the css customization forum … helpful, for sure … but, creepy too. What’s that? I think I heard someone humming … Every move you make, every step you take … I’ll be watching you … :P


    you should send in feedback, as that’s something that the staff can (and should) fix.

    until then, you’ll need to add !important to your CSS rules to make them apply instead of any rules that come after. you may also have to use specific CSS rules, such as background-color rather than background to target things more specifically.

    if there’s something specific you need help with, i’ll give it a shot



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    maybe he/she’s going to post funny ads from youtube, who knows. :)



    “you may also have to use specific CSS rules, such as background-color rather than background to target things more specifically.”

    I disagree with you on this IF he’s using the background property too. Defining something like:

    background: url(path/to/image.ext) top left no-repeat !important;
    background-color: #fff important!;

    defeats the purpose of the property shorthand, you might as well define the element like this:

    background-image: url(path/to/image.ext) !important;
    background-color: #fff !important;
    background-position: top left !important;
    background-repeat: no-repeat !important;

    If he uses the background property and makes sure all the values are properly written (i.e. url(path/to/image) instead of url (path/to/image) or no-repeat instead of repeat-none) one line of code should suffice AND should work as intended.



    I guees is just a coincidence his/her nickname begins with “ads” :P



    yeah, i’m not suggesting he/she use both. i’m suggesting that switch.css contains shorthand which will be more easily overridden by using longhand rules.


    The CSS is coming together… thanks for the input. I was applying !important to the wrong rule. Duh.

    FYI — The content of the Adstravaganza blog will be about the advertising field, so there will be discussion of ads and maybe a few images of ads or links to videos of ads… but there won’t be any paid-advertising. Anyway, thanks again for the CSS help. I’ll try to get clarification on the content in an appropriate forum.


    Just an fyi here, but it used to be that the switch.css in Regulus appeared BEFORE the custom CSS in the code, which made it a lot easier to customize those values.

    This got changed during whatever WP revision was applied over the holiday. Now switch.css is applied last. I came back to find my blog in total disarray.

    Thanks for the tip on the !important rule. That seems to do the trick.



    The CSS is coming together

    And looking good! Now I know who to contact when I want to get my Regulus changed :)



    I just noticed this Regulus color problem too. Annoying, indeed. I’ll try !important next, thanks. (Must modify that hideous pink-on-puce to something similar but more rose..)

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