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Problem displaying calendar

  1. Hellow

    the displaying of the calendar is no good.
    We have a problem with the "Tuesday"


  2. I don't know but try resizing these two pictures a bit. Mostly the first one. Very wide pictures may screw up a sidebar and all it's widgets:

  3. Thanks mymyspacelayouts,

    that's a good option, but it doesn't works.
    I've tried before but this is not the problem.
    In fact, I've seen another blogs with the same problem:

  4. Hey there,

    I think this might be a language related issue as it's fine for me on my blog in English.

    Which language do you blog in?

  5. Hellow carocat,

    The blog is in catalan.
    I've seen that other blogs haven't this problem so I think you're right: it's something related with language/translation.
    And I don't know what we can do now...

  6. I would contact staff since it needs to be fixed. Include a link to an example of a blog with the messed up calendar.

  7. Ah, Catalan, of course! I set my other blog to Spanish and Portuguese and it was fine!

    Do contact staff by clicking the support button on the top left of your Dashboard. :)

  8. Resolved!
    I've written to the support team and they fixed the problem.
    Thanks you all.
    Until next time!

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