Problem displaying individual post archive pages

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    I am fairly new to WordPress, so perhaps I’ve just messup a setting, or something.

    I have it appears successfully installed WordPress on my hosts server, and it appears for the most part to function properly. I am tinkering with various themes, but since the same problem occurs precisely the same regardless of the theme, that’s not the problem.

    Posts appear correctly on the blogs home page, one right after the next – most recent first. But when I click on the title of the post, instead of it appearing on its own page, (the permalink page, I guess you might call it) – the default “Archives/Search” page appears. No matter which post. No matter which theme.

    You can see this if you go to and click on any post’s title.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.





    Hi there,

    you’re in the wrong forums. Try

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