Problem domain name and technorati.

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    Hello all,
    i have an other problem with my domain name.
    on technorati my blog post are posted for both: and

    How to change that please?

    (maybe this problem is link to the bug in tag page?)



    No, it’s an issue with Technorati. They see your site now as two different sites. It’s an issue with Technorati as they do not have a method of combining URLs.

    Ask Raincoaster as she’s complained about it in the past to them.



    who is raincoaster? and how cantact him?



    If you have claimed your blog at Technorati then you can contact them by email and change the url.



    They won’t do it. That’s what Engtech tried to do and they said that they couldn’t.



    They specifically do not support this. Change your domain name, lose your Technorati rank.

    They have no plans to support this ever.

    !@#$ technorati is what I say. One of the worst user experiences’ I’ve had online in terms of making me jump through stupid hoops to use their service so I can get the 5 hits or so a month they send me.

    Here’s more about the outstanding bugs I’ve had with them:

    It’s quite liberating not to care about them anymore.



    *chuckle* Already within the top 250k within 24 hours. Must be nice. :)



    You know what: you do not WANT technorati to change this. They’ve sort of given you a huge advantage by counting your blog twice, as each one counts as a link to the other for every post. This gives you an enormous boost in the rankings. I don’t feel too guilty about it, as I did point it out to them and they refuse to change it.

    Also, if you have more than one blog and for the second one you use a template like Chaotic Soul that lists the author automatically, every author name on every post counts as a link to your main blog.

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