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    I’ve been having issues with both IE7 and Firefox browsers this morning. When I try to edit a saved draft using IE7, the post title shows, but the body text is not there. I do know it’s saved though, as I can see it in the preview window. The Javascript error detail says that access is denied from Line 173, Character 290.

    When I try to edit in Firefox on the same post, I have intermittent problems with photos. If I upload a photo, then try to send to the editor, it just sits there with no change. If I exit the post edit, then go back in, I’m able to send the already uploaded photos to the editor, but I’m not able to use the “Link” interface box (it comes up empty). I cannot close it by clicking on the “X” in the corner and have to leave the page to get rid of it.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!



    It sounds like this will require staff assistance to rectify so please send in a feedback with a link back to this thread.



    Will do–thanks!

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