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    Has anyone had luck exporting their RSS feed to Facebook? I’ve tried two methods, both of them unsuccessful.

    1. I created a fan page for my blog (, went to the Notes application, and set it to import the blog’s feed ( Everything appears to work as Facebook advertises, and a bunch of blog posts show up immediately as FB notes. However, no new blog entries are imported. I’ve tried this twice, and each time, it appears to be a one-time import: FB simply doesn’t poll the feed to pick up the new entries. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    2. As an alternative, I tried the WP publicize feature. But when I click “Facebook” under “Publicize” in My Blogs, I get a splash screen saying I’m being taken to Facebook, but then I’m taken immediately back to the My Blogs page with the message “An error occurred authorizing your Facebook account” in the pink box at the top. I never get to a FB login screen. I get the same error when using Chrome and Firefox, so it doesn’t seem to be a browser issue.

    Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I use the Networked Blogs app, which works very well, and for some of my blogs I use and click on the Facebook button every time. I know there are other ways to get your blog posts on Facebook, but those two work every single time.

    For the WP publicize feature, you need to be signed in to FB already, I believe.



    There are 5 methods I am aware of that you can use to export post snippets and links from to Facebook fan pages. Here’s the link >



    Thanks. I use GetSocialLive too, to allow users to share with their friends, but was hoping for a more automated solution myself. ;-)

    I’ll try the Networked Blogs app and see how that works!



    Re: RSS Graffiti
    I have heard nothing but positive feedback from those who use it.


    I’m having the exact same issue.



    Well then you know what all the alternatives you can use are.

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