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Problem getting "Read more"/Icon 13 to work

  1. ok, so i get that normally if i want to split my post i can click on the icon 13 or "more" to insert the <!--more--> thing.

    so i went to an old post that was very long and already published that i wanted to split. i clicked return after a picture to insert a new line and then clicked on icon #13. however, when i did it in the visual editor, i could see the little bar and the word "more" pop up in the editing window, but when i clicked on "view this post", the post was not split and there was nothing that said "more" where i inserted it.

    so i went back, deleted the "more" thing and switched to html mode and tried inserting it again. same thing. it shows up in my editing window, but not in the post. i tried clicking on "save" first, but regardless of whether or not i do, it doesn't work. any ideas?

    my blog is:


  2. The more tag will not display when you "view the post" since you are looking at the full-post page. Publish the post and then view it on the actual blog and you will see the more tag.

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