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    I have tried several times to import my Blogger blog. It has transferred over the titles to the posts but not the content. I leave it Importing for hours and never a sign of progress but I also never get a “complete” status. Without a bar, I can’t really tell how the progress of the Import is coming along or if in fact it is still working. I do see the Post and Comment status bar, but they appear full or complete yet the button still says it’s importing and I don’t have all the content transferred over.

    The blog I need help with is


    I would recommend the following steps:

    1. Contact the happiness team to ask to have your blog completely emptied so you can try the import again
    2. when you import again, use the Blogger expor file option when you import

    It may not give you a precise progress bar. Many imports are done in a queue and how fast they go may depend on demand at a given time. Most go through pretty quickly, but it’s safe to say waiting 24 hours would be plenty of time and is usually what’s recommended.

    3. If the 2nd try of the import doesn’t work, contact support again and include a copy of your export file so someone can take a closer look at your data

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